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BJØRG TARANGER, born Austevoll 1953, lives & works in Bergen, Norway


Photo by Antti Peltokangas, Galleria Jangva, Helsinki 2008

Bjørg, norrønt bjǫrg, 'help, protection, saving'


Working within video-/photo based installations & public space projects


1994–99 Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Bergen N
1997 L'Ecole Regionale des Beaux Art de Nantes FR (Erasmus exchange program)
1989- 92 Kunstskolen i Bergen N


2019 Solo exhibition, Kunstgarasjen, Bergen 11.01-03.02.2019


2014 HANSEvideoartWORKS,  Sieben-Meere- Kapelle von St. Jakobi Kirche Lübeck. Artists: BJørg Taranger NO, Ulu Braun DE, Linda Perthen DE. Selected by St.Jacobi Kirche
2013 Urban Mosaic ed 2013, video event at Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art, St.Petersburg, initiated by University of Bergen & the StateUniversity of St. Petersburg, RU
2012 KABUSO STATION 2022, project for the foajé & café, KABUSO Art House, Øystese 
2011 Karusell , video work commissioned  by the Centennial Committee for the 750-year anniversary of Håkonshallen and cultural night in Bergen, curated by Anne Marthe Dyvi at BEK. 
2011 Red Circles Underground, curated by BEK , USF Verftet Bergen
2010 Urban Mosaic ed 2010, video event at Salon Des Amateurs Düsseldorf, indep. artist run club in the basement of Düsseldorf Kunsthalle, curated by Ralf Rosowski & Detlef Weinrich, DE
2010 Urban Mosaic ed 2010, video event at Zona Imaginaria, curated by Lucrecia Urbano, Buenos Aires, AR   
2010 Urban Mosaikk ed 2010, TRYKKERIET Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Bergen NO
2010 Future Spaces, Christianssands Kunstforening V3, Kristansand NO
2009 Urban Mosaikk, curated by Tommy Olsson, Galleri Gathe Bergen NO
2009 Café Blå Time, København, HUMAN WALLS  videoloops, curated by Doris Bloom DK
2008 City Angel 08, Galleria Jangva, Helsinki FIN
2007 TransAtlanticVideoWalks,  Centro Municipal de Expsiciones SUBTE, curated by Santiago Tavella, Montevideo UY
2006 City Angel 06, curated by Ralf Rosowski, SchirmerStraße 22, Düsseldorf DE
2004 City Angel 04, Aalesunds Kunstforening, Ålesund
2000 Cityangel, Galleria Jangva, Helsinki( ArtGEnda)
2000 Urbane Kors 2000, own billboard project at Danmarksplass in Bergen sponsored by Moor Group AS, simultaneously with windows exh. ( Prioritaire ) and releaseparty at Cyper House Internettcafe in the city center.
1998 Urban Crosses, Human Rights Festival, The London Institute Gallery, London UK


2018 Kunstkontaineren USF Verftet, Bergen, curated by Maria Øy Lojo  
2018 B-open, open artists studios in Bergen 
2017 PARABOL -UTSPILL, Kunsthall3.14 Bergen, curated by Gitte Sætre & Malin Barth
2017 -16 -14-12-10-08-06 B-open, åpne studio i Bergen 
2015 Kuratorens utvalgte at, curated by Gitte Saetre, Neptun hotel, Bergen 
2014 Cinema B-open, video-screening at Festplassen Bergen, curated by Jeremy Welsh
2014 HANSEvideoartWORKS, Kunsthalle St.Annen Lübeck, commissioned by Bergen City Council 
2011 Håkonshallen 750 years - part two - 4 artists , large scale video projections by night, Bergen, curated by Anne Marthe Dyvi at BEK. 
2010 BGO 1, Bergen Art Museum Stenersen, Bergen N
2010 TRYKKERIET kunsthall, Bergen
2010 RGB Neighbors, one-day festival of artists film and video, Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Curator: Jeremy Welsh
2010-08-06-04 Cinema B-open, video show, Cinemateket USF, Bergen
2009 Nordiskt sommarljus, 4 Nordiska kvinner, Hishult Kunsthall, SE
2008 Video tour, 6 artists, produced by HKS, Kabuso, Nordheimsund
2007-98-96 Statens Kunstutstilling, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo & Trondheim Kunstmuseum (07)
2006 European contemporary video/short film show, curated by Mediaverkstedet and Apekosmonautene, KunstIBadet, Bergen
2006 Political poster project, curated by Åse Løvgren & Stine Gonsholt, HKS & Bergen City Center
2006 ACR Asia Pacific Film Festival 2006, Sydney, AUS (co- production with NHH in Bergen)
2003 Lanseringsutstilling, curated by Vestlandske Kunstmisjon, Bergen
2003 Bergen-Oslo, curated by TEMP & Mesén, Oslo Central station
2001 Café Maria, 10 days art café in coop. with Anne Lise Karlsen, HKS, Bergen
2001 Et annet sted, curated by TEMP, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen
2000 BergenArtFestival, Point Break, curated by Åshild Grana, Bergen Kunstforening
2000 ArtGenda 2000, Third Biennial of Young Artists Around the Baltic Sea, Helsinki
1998 -97 The International Student Print Exhibition, Falmouth UK
1998 Institution, Unge Kunstneres Samfund, Oslo
1998 Institution, Bergen kunstforening & Apotekergården, Bergen 
1998 Shopping Around, Kløverhuset Shoppingsenter, Bergen
1997 Artikkel 19, FN-prosjekt, USF Bergen
1997 Universal, FN-project, Vita Havet, Stockholm SE
1996 Vestlandsutstillingen, Bergen, Haugesund, Stavanger, Aalesunds, Førde


2018 Exhibition Grant, Bergen City Council
2018 Equipment supports by BEK and Civile Defence, Hordland
2015 Artist Award 1-year, Vederlagsfondet, Oslo
2014 Travel & Exhib. Grant, HANSEvideoartWORKS & Bergen City Council 
2013 Grant, PUBLIC seminar & video event by DOPPLER,  Hordaland Fylkeskommune.
2013 Artist Award, Bergen City Council
2013 Exhibition Grant DOPPLER,  Bergen City Council 
2013 International Art and Culture Exchange Grant, Bergen City Council
2012 Artist Award DOPPLER, Bergen City Council
2012 Working grant DOPPLER,  Vederlagsfondet, Oslo 
2011 Working Grant The Norwegian Council for Culture Affairs, Oslo
2011 Working Grant Bergen City Council
2011 Working Grant ROM 11,Bergen City Council
2009 Exhibition Grant Bergen City Council
2009 Exhibition Grant Vederlagsfondet, Oslo
2008 Artist Award Bergen City Council
2008 International Art and Culture Exchange Grant, Bergen City Council
2008 Artist Award 1-year, Vederlagsfondet, Oslo
2007–04 Exhibition grants  Bergen City Council
2006 Ralf Rosowski, Düsseldorf  DE
2004 Exhibition grants  Bergen City Council
2004 - 00 Grant Up-grading course for artists, Oslo
2002 Working Grant Norske Grafikeres Fond, Oslo
2001 Frida & Olav Rustes legat & NKVN, supports for Cafe Maria, 10 days art café in Bergen together with Anne Lise Karlsen
2001 Artist Award, Bergen City Council
2000 Exhibition Grant, Point Break, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen City Council, together with Mona S. Eckhoff & Ellen Solberg
2000 Exhibition Grant for ArtGendaBienniale Helsinki, Bergen City Council & ArtGenda FIN together with Mona S. Eckhoff & Ellen Solberg
2000-99 Travel Grant for ArtGenda, Helsinki , Bergen City Council
2000 Own Billboard project in Bergen, sponsored by More Group AS
2000 Support for billboard project in Bergen, Bergen City Council,
1999 Grant for Workshop in Copenhagen, Bergen City Council, ArtGenda
1999 Grant for Equipments, The Norwegian Council for Culture Affairs
1999 Exhibition Grant, Bergen City Council 
1998 Grant for Travel and Exhibition in London , KHiB
1998 Grant for Workshop in London, KHiB


1997  Paragon Press Price from Charles Booth – Clibbom, Falmouth UK


2010 Augustins Matgleder A/S, Bergen ( video)
2005 Stavanger Tingrett, Stavanger ( print)
2004 Høgskolen Haukeland Hospital, Bergen ( videostills/digital print)


2014- Kuratorsamvirke RADIATOR ( Gitte Saetre & Bjørn Inge Follevåg) 
2012- DOPPLER artist group at Bjørg Taranger, Kjersti Sundland, Maria Øy Lojo -  video events in public spaces, seminars and presentation of other artists:

Presentations other artists by Doppler:
13.09.14 Karl Ingar Røys video work  Camainta Noctura( Nattevandring). Outdoor video event during B-open, 2-screen projection onto the walls of Nykirken, Bergen
22.06.14 Video screening at Radøy Kunstsenter at BKFH summer party.Presentation of video essay by John Berger 1972. " Ways of seeing" episode 2 woman and art. 
04.11.13 Tania Ruiz Gutierrez´s video work LA PLAZA II. Outdoor video event in the back yard of Møllendalsveien 17, Bergen with projection onto old concrete wall.

Video events by Doppler:
04.10.13 Outdoor video event at Nygård brigde during Bergen Assembly
21.03.13 Outdoor video event at building in Jonsvollsgaten 9, Bergen
21.01.13 Outdoor video event at Möllendalsaveien, Bergen
14.12.12 Outdoor video eventt at Möllendalsaveien, Bergen
13.09.12 Video event at Culture Night in the City of Bergen & B-open with projection onto 2 windows in CS55.

2011-12 BAKROM artist group : Bjørg Taranger, Adriana Alves, Katrine Meisfjord - project together with Romanian woman begging in Bergen. Events:
15.09.12- 100 NOK pr hour - set up employment office in studio
12.09.12 - Performance by artists in city space wearing BAKROM uniform
11.05.11 - Bergen City Hall, action with Roma women at a seminar on Roma
27.06.11 - Meeting at the studio in CS55 with Roma women 

2006 - ART JOURNAL B -POST - Foundres & member of Drafting Committee /Editiorial board: Annette Kierulf, Arne Rygg, Jannecke Heien, Sissel Lillebostad, Bjørg Taranger and Maia Urstad

- Actions of Care in the Public Space, interdisciplinary video project in collaboration with NHH in Bergen initiated by Ingeborg Astrid Kleppe


2015 KUNSTAUKSJON SYRIA, Østre, Bergen
2007 MEDHUM, humanitarian action, Kunsthistorisk Museum, Bergen
2006 NEON "Film", video screening, Galleri Neon, Brösarp, SWE
2004 BAZAR – DETOX, Liveprogram, Landmark Bergen
2002 UKS Sellout, UKS Oslo



2013 PUBLIC, seminar in Bergen arr by Doppler at TagTeamStudio. Invited participants: Tania Ruiz Gutierrez, Anne Marthe Dyvi and Jørgen Blitzner. 
2008 Hot House, Art & Human Ecology, B-open seminar at Landmark. Project manager Bjørg Taranger & Åse Løvgren. Invited participants: Samir M'kadmi, Valentine Mareen Budden Berg, Karen O'Brien, Susanne Jaschko,  Peter Fend and Heather Ackroyd. 
2004 Can't buy me love, seminar and presentation by Bjørg Taranger on request from Department of Nursing, Haukeland Hospital, Bergen 
2001 Seminar about the Mary myth arr. by Bjørg Taranger & Anne Lise Karlsen, Hordaland Art Center, Bergen. Invited participants: Professor of art history Gunnar Danbolt, author Marianne Solberg and artist Sissel Lillebostad.

Artist talks

2014 Artist Talk, Karl Ingar Røys at Kunstnerverksteder CS55, B-open arr Doppler 
2012 Artist Talk, Bjørg Taranger at Kabuso, Øystese 
2011 Artist Talk, Bjørg Taranger at Monday Club, arr VISP 
2010 B-open reading group 1. December, led by BjørgTaranger, arr B-open 
2004 Presentation by Bjørg Taranger at KhiB 


2006-Founding of The Association of 2007 to promote the arts for reflection and debate, together with Arne Rygg, Annette Kierulf, Jannecke Heien Knutsen 
2006- One of the foundres & member of Drafting Committee for Kunstjournalen B-post. Annual art publication in Norway, together with Arne Rygg, Annette Kierulf, Jannecke Heien Knutsen, 
2004-Founder of Cinema B-open, public video screenings 
2004-One of the founders of B-open, open artist studios in Bergen/
2006-12 Chairman of the board, Kunstnerverksteder cs55/
2004-09 Chairman of the board, B-open open artists studios


2016 The Material in the Immaterial - seminar/workshop at BEK
2015 Gerilja Gathering Oljespeil , workshop Bergen, arr: Kuratorsamvirke Radiator & KHIB
2010 BEK, video, Bergen 
2008 KHiB, video, Bergen 
2004 Atelier Nord, video, Oslo 
2000 BEK, video, Bergen 
1999 ArtGenda, København 
1998 Human Rights Show, London



2014 The necessity of repetition by Bjørn Inge Follevaag, kuratorsamvirke RADIATOR
2009 Urban Oberservations by Marianne Gathe
2009 Off the grid by Tommy Olsson
2007 Bjørg Tarangers Video Walks  by Ralf Rosowski
2004 Poetic and political on our existential conditions by Elisabeth Byre
1998 Urban Crosses by Lars Vilks

Art Magazine

2000 Mare Articum the Baltic Art Magazine, Issue 2, 2000, photos, reviews by Jonas Valatkevicus s.61, Ekaterina Andreeva s.66, William Easton s.73 


2009  Hc Gilje, Bjørg Taranger, Nathan Coley. Gallerirunde Bergen by Susanne Christensen
2009 UPOP, by Anette Basso
2009 Från fyra håll, 23.juli by Thomas Lissing SE
2009 Hallands Nyheter, Nordiskt sommarljus på Konsthallen, 7.juli by Bitte Montigny SE
2009  Kreativa rum, 18.juli by Sören Sommelius SE
2009 Lahoms Tidning, 3.juli by Hans Bergtson SE
2008 Hufvstadsbladet, VOLT, I MARGINALEN 23.februari 2008 by Barbro Teir FI
2001 Jomfru Maria på café, Direktesendt radio interjuv, NRK 15.08.01 kl.12.15 by Jan Isdahl 
2001 Åpner kunstkafé, BA 9.08.01 omtale, by Ann Kristin Frøystad
2001 En kafé til jomfru Maria, Bergens Tidende 11.08.01 by Sissel Hamre Dagsland
2001 Jomfru Maria på café, Bergens Tidende 15.08.01
2000 Kaupunkilaista sielua etsimässã, Helsingin Sanomat 20.mai 2000 review by Anu Uimonen FI
2000 Når kunsten infiltrerer byen, eller omvendt , Morgenbladet 28.mai 2000 review by Anne Karin Jortveit
1998 Sponset og spetakulert, Bergens Tidende 12.mai review by Mia Kolbjørnsen, photo by Eirik Brekke
1998 Flygeklare studenter, kritikk Bergens Tidende 31.mai 1998 anmeldt av Tone Gjesvik
1998 Kunst fra vest, photo


2017 Zona Imaginaria, Book Edition ZI 2008/2016, Buenos Aires AR
2014 HANSEvideoartWORKS, Lübeck DE
2014 Jangva 20 years old, Helsinki FI
2011 Håkonshallens 750-års jubileum, Bergen
2010 BGO 1, Bergen kunstmuseum, Bergen
2009 Jangva 15 years old, Helsinki FI, ISBN 978-951-97499-3-8-
2009 Urban Mosaikk, Bjørg Taranger 2007-2009 ( Hordaland kunstsenter library, Bergen, Nasjonalmuseets library, Oslo)
2009 Nordiskt sommarljus, Konsthallen Hishult, SE ISBN 91-85348-35-X
2007 Statens 120. Kunstutstilling, Oslo & Trondheim
2006 ARC 2006 Sydney, AUS
2006 Ta ned bildene, det er krig! BKFH 1931-2006 
2004 City Angel 1999- 2004 Bjørg Taranger ( KHiB library,Bergen)
2000 ArtGenda 2000, Third Biennial of Young Artists around the Baltic Sea,s.52-55
2000 Bergen ArtFestival /Point Break
1998 Human Rights Festival/ Dugnad' 98, s.10
1998 Institution
1997- 98 The International Student Print Exhibition, Falmouth UK

Press releases (outside Norway)

2014 HANSEvideoartWORKS, Lübeck DE
13 › Urban Mosaic: Bjørg Taranger in Erarta by Aleksandra S. RU
2013 Press Release, Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg RU
2010 Press Release, Zona Imaginaria, Buenos Aires AR
2009 Press Release, Konsthallen Hishult SE
2008 Press Release, Galleria Jangva, Helsinki, FI
2007 Press Release, Centro Municipal de Exposiciones SUBTE, Montevideo UY
2006 Düssel-dorfer – monatskalender für kultur Oktober, DE
2006 Press Release, Ralf Rosowski, Düsseldorf DE 
2098 Press Release, The London Institute gallery UK

Video cartoteques 

2008 Video interview initiated by Riitta Alto, Gallery Jangva, FI
2006 Neon gallery’s video cartoteque, Brösarp, SE
2002 Nifca’s video cartoteque, SE


2015 Madrid, 14 Berlin/Budapest, 13 Paris/ Venice, 12 Barcelona, 11 Venice, 10 Buenos Aires/Montevideo/Sao Paulo, 08 Paris, 07 Istanbul/Kassel, 06 Paris, 05 Buenos Aires/ Montevideo, 04 Paris / London, 03 Paris / Istanbul , 02 Berlin, 01 Paris/ Venice, 98 Kassel, 96 Paris, 95–00 New York, London, Roma, Helsinki, Amsterdam 


NBK  Norwegian Fine Artists
BKFH Bildende kunstneres forrening for Hordaland

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