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Ralf Rosowski 2007, on Bjørg Tarangers Video Walks

Text on Bjørg Tarangers "video walks"


Tourism is just a post-modern phenomenon.  It’s travelling for fun.  A  sign of having enough time and money to afford. Tourists like places,  where a lot of tourists are. Tourists are always in between voyeurism  and exhibitionism.

If he get lost in the strange, alone without any  covering, it gets interesting (Roberto Rossellini’s "Viagigio in Italia"). Now he has a chance to experience general eternity of life and the more or less near end of the own living simultaneously. He is in between hope and fear.

Most people panic. Some make films about  it.

Bjørg Tarangers new work "video walks" are episodes about life and living seen from a perspective of a lost tourist.

Ralf Rosowski, Düsseldorf 2007




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