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Morgenbladet May 28th 2000

by Anne Karin Jortveit


Morgenbladet May 28th 2000

Extract from review on ArtGenda2000, Biennale in Helsinki
by Anne Karin Jortveit.
(Translated to english by Jan Pettersson)

Oslo took part in the 2 first biennials, but this year it is Bergen's turn with the artists Bjørg Taranger, Mona Eckhoff Sørmo & Ellen Solberg. The 3 of them finished the Art Academy in Bergen 1999. The co-ordinator for their contribution is artist and former rector at the department, Birthe Marie Løveid.

The 3 Norwegian participants, who are exhibiting at Gallery Jangva, are showing a video projection in three parts (a triptych) tied up together to sound by Ketil Høidal, and has the somewhat loaded title "Sound of the Urban Soul".

In this piece both the individual work and the group work is kept together. These visually different videos, put together as a collage, illuminates the aspects of urban living, both as a single person as well as a part of the community. The question of time, remembrance, empathy and human connection, or maybe even the absence of these, is running like a thin red line between these.

The videos are projected parallel on three screens and are moving gradually between these. This circular movement makes for a slight movement in each video each time. On its own each video would probably not have drawn much attention, but in the meeting point between the three contributions they are lifted to another level.

This makes the contribution from Bergen into a fragile, melancholically and well executed piece of work.

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