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Lars Vilks 1998

Croix Urbaines - Urban Crosses - Urbane Kors

Croix Urbaines

Bjørg Tarangers project Croix Urbaines is a work that concentrates on a social function in the city environment.

The cross symbol, which is a recognisable mark of the work, alludes to the cross signal as a positive communicator, a willingness to help and meet.

One of the big discussions in today's art world is the position and roll of public art.  A long tradition concerning the erection of concrete and in principle immovable monuments has been replaced with the tendency to use the public room as an exhibition space.

Public art transforms the stable to the random, from monumental to communicative, from slow to intense. It is within this context that the project Croix Urbaines is to be seen.

Bjørg Taranger when placing her objects and posters changes the city environment into an installation of a project.

The projects meaning can be found through questions surrounding the kind of room/city environment and as to how people will communicate with it.

The viewers curiosity when confronted with these cryptically messages and signs is easily triggered, the whole point is in that this energy is the actual possibility; it is up to the viewer to put meaning into the signal that is sent out:

Stations for the seeking, a help that is not necessary, but could at the same time  be important.


Lars Vilks



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