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KABUSO STATION 2022 - a site specific project at the ArtHouse Kabuso's foajé & café. Content: DAYTIME view: Tables & chairs lined up on black floor carpet. Café & Art Menu folder. Installation with 5 TV-monitors on floor, 5 DVD players 7' /headphones places on window over each table, installation with 12 silk screens on wall, 1 TV on floor, 1 video/sound loop in the cinema hall. NIGHT TIME view: Video projections onto wall, roof and window( from 5pm to 8 am)

In the project Kabuso Station 2022 Taranger revitalises the idea of railway as communication between town and country by setting up a pre-sale to a new train route; this with Øystese as one of the stations. Taranger presents a vision of the future that point to a commitment concerning structural shapes and society in both the present and future. In a comparative position of newly and previously works, the foyer at Kabuso is re-contextualize into a cafe for transit passengers. Through documentary recordings converted into fictional rooms with different patterns and rhythms, you become taken to places such as Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires and Malmö.

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