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HANSEvideoartWORKS Lübeck 22.05- 22.06.2014

Bjørg Taranger also is selected to partisipate in a video screening together with Ulu Braun and Linda Perthen in a parallel show in the Seven-Meere- Chapel of St. Jacobi Kirche.


Exhibition view Seven-Meere-Chapel, St.Jacobi Kirche, Lübeck

"3 works - of Björg Norrun Taranger from the Norwegian mountains, the Ulu Braun from Osnabrück and Linda Perthen from Greifswald - issued in parallel on Saturday 24 May, in the Seven-Meere-Chapel of St. Jakobi, and indeed throughout the day. The occasion is the beginning of 15 clock pilgrims worship."

video still

video still "Laundry" HD, 7 min

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