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RGB Neighbors-Leeuwarden Netherlands 2010

RGB Neighbors is a one-day festival of artists film and video, taking place in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, on Saturday 27th. March.

The festival focusses on two countries, Norway and Sweden. Curators for the two programmes are Jeremy Welsh (Norway) and Gunnel Pettersson (Sweden). Each country presents a selection of recent artists’ work, plus a special presentation of young artists / students from the two countries. In addition there will be music/video performances featuring collaboration between Dutch and Norwegian/Swedish artists.

In the publicity, they advertise it as “Norway vs. Sweden”! Who will win? Will the Swedes in the Norwegian team change sides in the middle of the match? A full report, with edited highlights and action replays will be posted after the end of the event :-)

Video screening programme (Norway) Red Circles 1 – 4 (2009): Bjørg Taranger Travelling Fields (2009): Inger Lise Hansen South of Heaven (2007): Per Teljer Violent Sorrow Seems A Modern Ecstacy no. 2 (2009): Jorunn Myklebust Syversen The City and The Countryside (2009): Morgan Schagerberg Night (2009): Farhad Kalantary Sunday Mornings (2007): Jannicke Låker Per Hasard (2009): Bull Miletic Mechanic <-> Organic (2009): Ivar Smedstad Motholic Mobbles no. 4 (2009): Kaia Hugin 7 meters (2009): Lars Skjelbreia Shiva (2007): HC Gile Act II (2010): Adriana Alves Preparations for The Unknown (2008): Siri Ekker Svendsen

The selection reflects various directions in recent video art from from Norway, ranging from purely visual experimentation with the possibilities of the electronic image, to cinematic narratives made in the manner of low-budget film.Visual inventiveness, imaginative playfulness, an ability to observe and communicate human strengths and weaknesses, a facility for visual poetry – all of these aspects are reflected in the programme.

Student presentations from KHIB Trine Hylander Friis Jonas Ib Hellvik Jensen Mattias Arvastsson

Live music/video performance Mattias Arvastsson with DJ Mies Elektries

Curator: Jeremy Welsh




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