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Konsthallen Hishult 2009

" Nordiskt sommarljus"4 nordiske kvinnelige kunstnere. Merete Barker, Tuula Lehtinen, Bjørg Taranger, Kristina Jansson. 4.7.-17.8.2009.

Bjørg Taranger: Video/sound installation on 2end floor.

Projection onto plexi glass hanging from the ceiling, green spot lights onto  satin fabrics covering one wall, 4 small DVD 7' players placed on floor and wall, head phones connected.  Endless videoloops, Curing Wall no3 and Human Walls I-IV. Catalogue s.26-29

09 Konsthallen Hishult- opening

Installasjon KH09
Exhibition view                                                                     Photos: Jan Pettersson

Catalogue Nordiskt sommarljus Konsthallen Hishult, SWE ISBN 91-85348-35-X 



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