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Håkonshallen by night - Bergen 2011

From September 9th the Bergen Center for Electronic Arts / BEK, presented the video work ‘Carousel’ by Bjørg Taranger at the facade of Håkonshallen facing the city. As the daylight faded, the work emerged on Håkonshallen distinctive stone facade. (9.9. - 18.9.11) Curator: Anne Marthe Dyvi

installation view                                       video still  doc.Maria Øy Lojo, BEK


‘Carousel’ is a pattern of time, light and colors. With its placing and its repetitive form, we want to illustrate Håkonshallen as a place of ceremonial acts and parties through 750 years. It is shown trough the basic form of ‘The ceremony’, repetition, and ‘The party’ as a cultural expression in which community and the sence of belonging is shaped.

‘Carousel’ is curated by Anne Marthe Dyvi at the Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (BEK).The work was commissioned by the Centennial Committee for the 750-year anniversary of Håkonshallen. The work appeared every night from 9th to 18th of September.

Kulturnatt 2011

I Borggården setter BEK farge og bevegelse på Håkonshallen ved hjelp av videoen "Karusell" av Bjørg Taranger. Verket kan beskues fra flere deler av byen.  

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Håkonshallen by night - part two
Kulturnatt i Bergen

 Part two of this project will come up later this year! see news

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