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Erarta - St.Petersburg 2013

Video event at Erarta 24.4.2013

press release St.Petersburg


Video Art - Bjørg Taranger at ERARTA  24.4.2013

Bjørg Taranger's production focuses on site specific video installations and large scale projections in public spaces. Her work can be characterized as an on-going investigation on traveling, - both in a physical and mental matter. Conflicting elements of urban life, human welfare and social politics are essential. Bjørg Taranger was educated at Bergen National Academy of Art (98) and L'Ecole Régionale des Beaux Art de Nantes in France (97). Her works are widely exhibited nationally and abroad, (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, England, Netherlands, Argentina, Uruguay and Australia) 

Besides her own practice, she is one of the founding partners of the video group DOPPLER (2012-), an experimental art platform for free projects in the city scape. She is also one of the founders and member of the editorial board of Kunstjournalen B-post( 2006-) an annually published journal on contemporary art. Each issue discusses current themes through commissioned texts and art projects. Currently she is in production of new works of her ongoing project VideoWalks, and upcoming projects with DOPPLER.

At ERARTA Bjørg Taranger will present a number of video loops from her project URBAN MOSAIC. In this vivid picture universe we are presented a reality that invites reflection on the various identity of urban spaces. We also have the opportunity to experience the works as pictorial tableau, and assess them based on our own aesthetic standards and comfort.The material is obtained by documenting travels in Paris, Berlin and Buenos Aires, processed into a dynamic web of images and fictional rooms, forming new references. 


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