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ZONA-Book Edition ZI 2008/2016 presented at ArteBA, Buenos Aires 2017

Bjørg Taranger is one of the selected artists presented in the book with her project "Urban Mosaikk" on chapter 3, “Engineering of intersubjectivity”.

The book includes a selection of some of the experiences that took place at Zona during 2008-2016. Each of them is arranged in five chapters edited by Valeria Balut. These function as theoretical scenarios to articulate the selected experiences. The book is not meant to be a detailed archive of Zona Imaginaria, but to outline the horizon it has built throughout history.



Zona Imagiaria – Bjørg Taranger - text

On my way to Zona Imaginaria I was filming through the train window. The closer I came, the more diverse and contradictory the civilization appeared; neighborhoods devided in two, the rich and the poor on separate sides of the street. Left in me was a feeling of lack of security, of the unexpected, as well as of excitement for what I was going to take part in.

At Zona people come together from different walks of life and art practices, - to see and to listen - to observe and to join and to engage in the neighbourhood. My Urban Mosaikk is a heterogeneity of different kinds of walls. The curing walls, the human walls, the future walls. My hope for my presentation is humble; can my work interact with the neighbouring society in a way that can spark some hope and sensation of possibility? Even open up for imagination and agency?

I am inspired by how Zona Imaginaria focuses on care for its neighbouring community. Bringing social art practice into a context of real life, here and now. I see that in Zona's work it is not only the tension between the now and the past that is elaborated on; it also impacts on the future existence of fragile communities, both local and global. I am grateful for having been given the opportunity to show Urban Mosaikk in this context.

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